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Our new, bright and airy facility features a large flexible central space that can be filled with tables and seating for events of up to about 100 people or opened up for smaller group meetings or corporate and recreational activities. It hosts a “caterers” kitchen and a large outdoor deck which is cleverly protected from the elements by the distinctive architectural “wing” that extends out from the sloped roof. Designed as a modern but simple adaptation on classic clubhouse architecture, the interior also features large modern washrooms, mobile beverage coolers and a gas barbecue, event-oriented furnishings and an eclectic Heritage Wall installation of artifacts that highlight just a little of the Club’s colourful past.

Event rentals have become very popular, whether for group lawn bowling, corporate events, or as a unique meeting space. Our Rental Coordinator and Rental Facilitators provide equipment, training and generally help our guests to enjoy their event at the club.