Rental Policy and Regulations

Please review our rental policy carefully. All rental bookings must agree to these terms.

  1. Booking includes set up and take down time. The facility must be vacant at the end of the booked time.
  2. Payment of the rental is due upon a confirmed booking.
  3. A damage deposit of $500 (cheque or cash) made payable to “The Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club” is due on the date of the booking. The damage deposit will be fully refunded as long as there has been no damage to the facility.
  4. Cancellations must be received 2 days prior to the day of the event to receive a full refund, less a 15% administration fee.
  5. In case of rain on the day of the event, the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club retains the right to determine whether or not bowling and/or the facility rental can occur. If the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club cancels the rental due to rain, a full refund or an option to rebook will be given. If the renter chooses to use the clubhouse (without lawn bowling) despite the rain, the full rental fee will be charged.
  6. The Renter shall notify the rental coordinator should it wish to vacate the facility prior to the events designated end time. The Renter shall not leave the facility unattended.
  7. If alcohol is to be served:
    • Renter acknowledges that the Renter is solely responsible for its guests and their behaviour, will have provisions for designated drivers or alternative driving arrangements, and will not serve alcohol to minors.
    • Renter is responsible for obtaining any required liquor permits required pursuant to ALGC regulations, and to post the permits prominently inside the clubhouse at all times during the event.
    • It is strongly recommended the renter have special event insurance for the event.
  8. The Renter must be aware and adhere to the City of Calgary noise bylaws and be respectful of the facility neighbours.
  9. The club does not have a dress code, however heeled footwear is not permitted on the greens. Footwear without a heel or heavy tread (e.g. sandals, flip-flops, and flat-soled sneakers/shoes) is a must. It is also recommended not to go barefoot on the greens.
  10. Lawn bowling mats shall not be left for any extended periods of time on the greens. Please put the mats on the grass sidelines when not in use to avoid burning the greens.
  11. Children must be supervised at all times. The lawn bowling equipment can be dangerous as well as expensive to replace.
  12. The Renter shall be responsible for any damages occurring to the clubhouse, greens or equipment. In case of any damage, the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club will restore the facility to the condition in which it was before the rental and bill the Renter for all damages.
  13. The Renter is responsible for leaving the facility in the same condition it was at the start of the rental event and shall not leave anything behind from its event. If the Renter uses the gas barbeques, it shall ensure the grills are burned off and cleaned.
  14. No smoking, candles or open flames are allowed in the facility and/or deck areas. Smoking is permitted on the north end of the facility. Smokers are to use the exterior cigarette disposal provided.
  15. The Renter acknowledges that only compostable or recyclable food containers and utensils will be used and will ensure its catering company is aware of the policy. Any contamination of the waste or use of styrofoam will be charged a $25 fee.
  16. No pets or animals are allowed on the premises.